MD Weight Loss


Weight loss is a tricky subject and unfortunately the amount of calories taken in by the patient does NOT translate into calories used by the body … it is even more important what kind of calories you take into your body!

Weight loss can be frustrating because your body may be working against you NOT with you. In other words, your body will hold on to weight & fat even if there is a significant decrease in calorie intake. This is when the hormone HCG and Hormonal Replacement will cause the body to become sensitive to calorie restriction causing weight loss, especially of excess fat.

Medical Weight Loss at the Wellington Institute incorporates different therapies that are necessary for weight loss, especially in difficult patients.

In Dr. Cabanellas experience, a combination of 4 modalities are essential for weight loss:

  1. HCG Diet — This diet uses the HCG hormone (already in our bodies) which causes “selective weight/fat loss” or weight/fat loss in the areas that the person needs.
  2. Hormonal Replacement (if needed) — Hormonal replacement is especially used in difficult patients like menopausal women, in which hormonal imbalance works against the body in storing excess fat.
  3. Appetite Suppressants — Although HCG is a natural appetite suppressant, some patients may experience hunger and anxiety which translate into excess eating. Appetite Suppressants make sure the patient can stick to the diet and lose the weight in an “easier” way.
  4. Vitamins/Supplements — They improve energy & good mood which are crucial for the weight loss process.
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