Hair Restoration


Hair thinning, & falling, and loss are common problems that affects both men & women after ages 35-40. There are many causes for hair loss and thinning; therefore, it is important to be evaluated by a physician, diagnosed, and treated accordingly.

There are a variety of treatments that are used in combination to achieve hair restoration:
Topical Scalp Lotions — Much more potent than over the counter Minoxidil, we have different scalp lotions that are combinations of different medicines and supplements the backbone of the home care regimen. These scalp lotions augment & maintain the results obtained in procedures at the office as well as oral medications & lasers.

Oral Agents — There many oral medications that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The most prescribed is Propecia, but can only be used by men.

Lasers — Lasers have been used for a long time to stimulate hair follicle growth. These lasers need to be used at least 2-3 times/week to be effective so this treatment became a logistical problem for offices. Recently, hair restoration lasers have been developed for individual at home therapy (ONLY available at physician offices).

Scalp Injecions — A combination of different medications, supplements, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient’s own blood), and placenta are injected in the scalp in the areas to be treated. Usually 4-6 or more sessions are needed as well as maintenance sessions after desired results are achieved.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) — This treatment is not specifically designed for hair restoration, but works in women to stop hair loss & fall. BHRT will also reverse hair thinning by about 30-40% 2-3 months after starting the treatment.

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