Chest Rejuvenation

Most patients think the chest is off limits to rejuvenation because no plastic surgery is done for this area. Basically the skin and muscles of the chest need to be toned, lifted, and tightened like all others in the face, neck, and body. With the advent of Ultherapy, chest skin & muscles can be treated to produce significant results. Ultherapy decreases wrinkles & creases, tones sagging skin, and lift pulled down (“aging”) muscles.

Due to recent advances in technology, these are the available options used to address the different problems in the chest /decollete area:

Ultherapy — This is the only FDA approved treatment for significant lifting and tightening of sagging skin. It addresses all the skin layers (from the superficial to deep skin layers).
Resurfacing CO2 Lasers (Fractionated) — This laser is a great anti aging tool that decreases lines & fine wrinkles, removes pigmentation, lifts & tightens all at the same time.
Spot Removal Lasers — These can remove sun & age spots as well as any other pigmentation.

We use a combination of therapies that address untoned muscles, “pulled down” muscles (with age), and sagging skin by treating the different skin layers as well as the muscles of the chest. This is the best approach to improve the appearance of the chest or decollete.

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