Daeses Eye & Lip Contour





Sesderma Daeses Eye and Lip Contour Cream is indicated for loss of firmness on delicate areas like the skin around the eyes and lips.  Thanks to the unique composition, this eye cream is able to have an instant and long-lasting effect on skin firmness, especially in what concerns drooping eyelids and lip loss of volume. Ideal for all skin types, but particularly mature skins, this cream deeply hydrates the skin and helps to boost firmness thanks to the ingredient known as DMAE, which has an incredible action on muscle tonus and firmness. Key ingredients DMAE is a natural ingredient that helps to boost the synthesis of acetylcholine, responsible for muscle contraction, and therefore boosting firmness due to this ability to improve muscle tonus, resulting in an immediate lifting effect and recovery of the muscle tonus over time; Organic Silicium is needed to create collagen and elastin, enhancing the matrix density that provides support and stabilizes the tissue architecture, with an action similar to growth factors; Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins have an immediate lifting effect and help to hydrate and reduce wrinkles; Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; Aloe Vera Extract and Chamomile Extract help to soothe the delicate area around the mouth and lips


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