Erase Frown & Forehead Lines With Botox

After years of your forehead muscles working as the engine of your expressions, making your eyebrows go in to frown or up in surprise, helping widen or lowering your eyes, and drawing all kinds of human and non-human expressions in your face many times a day, they end up leaving those stories on your skin. 

These expression lines create that “always tired or angry” appearance in your face by developing deep creases in your frown and/or  forehead  areas.  Botox relaxes these muscles temporarily, so that you can erase forehead and frown lines and have a smooth, relaxed look.


My favorite part about Botox is erasing the “sleepy or tired” eyes.  Using an advanced Botox technique (most doctors don’t know how to do this!), you can raise the eyebrows, thus opening up the eye area and giving you an awakened, perky, wide-eyed look.

Younger Eyes


If you are looking to minimize crow’s feet, Botox is highly recommended to reduce the movement of the muscles that control squinting. 

Botox is injected into the skin using tiny needles that feel like mosquito bites.  Botox is such a quick and painless procedure, that ice is enough to numb the area. Sometimes patients may get a little bruise, especially around the eyes.  This is due to very thin skin around the eyes or the many vessels surrounding the area.


If you experiment with a physician who is not an expert on the anatomy of the eyes, you can easily face some potential side effects of Botox, like drooping eyelids or eyebrows.

Finding the balance between the right amounts of Botox & the right places to inject is an art.

  Dark Circles & Hollows

Many men and women suffer from a condition called tear trough. This is a small indentation that starts at the corner of the eye and sometimes continues all the way to the cheekbone creating a hollow and dark shadow.



 Injectable Fillers

If you have small tear trough depressions and good skin elasticity, you may be the perfect candidate for the fillers and avoid or delay eye surgery.



Also, if you have eyelid issues that make you a poor candidate for surgery, dermal fillers of hyaluronic acid (like Juvederm & Restylane) are a great alternative recommended to fill those depressions and eliminate the shadows that cause dark circles and tiredness appearance in just one appointment.

You can expect results that can last 6 months to a year due to the minimal movement of these areas. Although it is a non-invasive treatment, some precautions.

First, because its proximity to the eye, this technique is best left to an expert as filler injector as well as an eye specialist like Dr. Cabanellas. It is also important to be aware that because this is a very sensitive area, you may experience bruising and swelling that can last up to 10 days.  

Erase now that fatigued look out of your face, book your appointment now (561)333-3440

Improve Skin Quality Around The Eye Area


 A series of three to six resurfacing laser can improve the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles around the under-eye area.

This procedure creates micro-pixel controlled burns in the area that prompt the skin to repair itself without much downtime.


You can expect some redness or swelling as well as some flaking of the old skin. It is very important to protect yourself from the sun and follow the post-procedure skin care protocol.  

Tighten Slack Skin Around The Eyes

Laser skin tightening it is the most recommended non-invasive procedure to smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin area around the eyes. This process sends heat deep into the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen.

As a result you will get a lifting effect plus you will feel tighten around the eyes. Although the procedure can be a little, uncomfortable Dr. Cabanellas use topical anesthetic and a special cooling technology.


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