Define Your Cheeks

The cheeks are one the signs of youth when they are full and defined, but unfortunately as we age, our bone structure changes causing the horrible hollowing effect around the eyes accentuating under-eye circles.

Now, if on top, you have sun damage and fat loss that can make look even older.


Our approach to this common problem is combining Pixel Laser to erase fine lines, reverse sun damage, and tight the skin on the area. Then she uses dermal filler like Sculptra, Radiesse, or Juvederm to define, lift, and create more sculpted, dramatic fuller cheekbones.

Nasolabials Folds


Those nose to mouth creases that tend to get more prominent as we age due to the loss of fat and gravity which makes the muscles to pull the tissues down.

Relax your visible plastysmal bands and diffused them again with Botox. 

If the two muscles cords-like that run down in front of your neck are tight and look thick Botox can be the solution.  

With 3 injections on each cord you will see the change because they will relax and soften immediately. If you are more sensitive in that area, the doctor will apply a topic anesthetic to relieve the discomfort.
You have to remember that Botox last for only four to six months, so you have to re-apply as soon as you start seeing the muscles tightening  again.

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