The Chin & Marionette Lines


The loss of support of the chin pad makes the chin appear droopier and narrower as it ages.

Like in all the lower face all the muscles and fat tend to descend as we age, that extra weight in combination with the lack of support from the chin pad creates the marionette lines or sometimes a lip that turn inward.

Again, this condition can be addressed without surgery by combining injectable fillers and Botox.

There is a condition called cobblestone chin, which like its name says it is a chin with bumps that looks like pebbles, this condition can be alleviated with Botox, as well as relax the muscles around the mouth that allow you to frown deeply.

With injectable fillers, the doctor can lessen these lines and furrows of the lower face.

Eliminate Jowls & Define Your Jaw Line

Age and gravity play a role on creating an older look because on the lower part of the face its where all the accumulation of fat and Loss of volume sits distorting the younger jaw line you use to have. We also have to consider jowls, which are developed by sagging skin. A more chiseled and defined jaw line can be achieved by contouring and adding volume with fillers like Juvederm Ultra and Radiesse   

Get A Firmer Neck

If you are not a candidate for a neck liposuction just yet, but you are still looking to tighten and slightly firm your neck, we can offer you the right solution.

By combining a skin tightening and resurfacing laser procedure with our ALMA® laser  and Botox® injections Dr. Cabanellas will achieve an easy, inexpensive, quick, and no downtime result.


The secret of our laser is that address two problems at the same time. First, rejuvenates by working underneath the skin causing the collagen to contract stimulating production of new collagen therefore eliminating laxity, and second, resurface the skin by eliminating the damaged exterior layer of the skin producing as a result the elimination of sun damage, deep and soft wrinkles of your neck.  

You can expect to have some swelling lasting anywhere from a few days to few weeks.  To achieve the best results, this treatment should be done in a series of sessions with a couple of weeks in between.

Thin & Droopy Lips or Smoker Lines


One of the most common signs of aging is the decrease volume of the lips, is rare to see an old woman with natural full lips.

Gravity and aging combine also make the upper lip to get droopy and it seems to be longer over the front teeth covering them when you smile.


The shape of the smile also looses the happy expression when the corners of the mouth start to pull down.

Young people’s smile is full of teeth and their lips a full and healthy pulling up firmly holding a serene or happy expression all the time.

You can easily fix the problem without surgery or losing your natural expression by injecting hyaluronic acid-based filler.



One the most important advantages of this non-invasive procedure is that if you don’t like how your lips are looking, they go back to normal because all the fillers are temporary.

Be very kissable. Enjoy your lips everyday; book your lip fillers now (561)333-3440


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