Sleep disorders are growing so fast its effects are felt by just about everyone, at least part of the time, and more and more people suffer sleep disorders all of the time.
Perhaps you are one of the millions of people who even have long term insomnia and can only get a couple hours of sleep a night. Well, you are not alone. Over 65% of people in America say they cannot sleep and do not get enough, good quality sleep. This common problem affects productivity and performance both in households as well as in the workplace.

Did you know

It is only at night, during deep, restful, uninterrupted, long enough sleep that we regenerate and repair the damaged cells, tissues, and organs of our whole body, ONLY at NIGHT! We have something called the circadian rhythm and it hard wires all of us to repair and regenerate our cells and all of our body, but only during high quality sleep and only at night can we restore ourselves and stay at optimum health.

The best scientists in the world have studied the IMPORTANCE of the kind of sleep described above. They have found that if a person does not get this kind of nightly sleep for too long, it WILL cause an eventual illness. The longer the sleep deprivation goes on, the greater the odds, and the greater the severity of the illness.


You are in luck

We have the best solution to your sleep problems! No matter how bad your sleep problem are, The Wellington Institute has the perfect solution which will fix any sleep problem in a safe and effective manner.

Dr. Cabanellas and a group of scientists have developed a breakthrough Sleep Program to get you the restorative, refreshing sleep you need, every single night for the rest of your life!

We discovered the safest and best combination of medications, which allows even the most sleep resistant person, to fall asleep fast and for the whole night. You will wake up feeling fantastic, ready to start your day, not groggy or tired.

Best of all, the medicine combination we discovered has been researched for over 20 years-- their combination is 100% non-toxic and can be used for long term. Tests revealed this combination is as pure and clean as distilled water. 

If you researched thousands of medications, you would find that virtually all of them cause some toxic damage, which harms the human body. So we cannot help but feel very proud that our discovery is perfectly pure and without toxins--it will never harm your body. Used as directed, it is safe and always effective in getting you the best full night sleep you have ever had.

At The Wellington Institute we take personal pride in treating you as a whole person--We spend quality time with every single one of our patients because we truly care about you. Our Doctors listen to you attentively and value your concerns about your health. If something is important to you--it is important to us.

The Doctors and staff of the Wellington Institute are here to serve you.

You will find it easy to talk about any of your health concerns with our doctors and they are unique in making personalized protocols to solve your health issues.

If you answer, yes to any of the questions below, please allow us the privilege of solving your sleep problems:

Sleeping Disorder Questionnaire

1. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Does your mind race over active thoughts at bedtime? Do you toss and turn, but find it difficult to fall asleep?
2. Is there a thought or difficulty which causes you to wake up in the middle of the night and then you find it very hard to go back to sleep?
3. Do you get up many times during the night, for example, to go to the bathroom. Do you feel your sleep was not refreshing when you get up in the morning because your sleep was interrupted too often during the night?
4. Has it been years or months since you really had 8 to 9 hours of deep, refreshing, restorative, uninterrupted, high quality sleep?

Medical and scientific research confirms that people who already have a chronic illness and also poor quality of sleep can never get better. This is because repair of cells and regeneration of tissues & organs only takes place at night during deep, long, restful, uninterrupted sleep. The lack of this sleep time causes on the body simply being unable to get the adequate internal resources to become well.

High quality sleep is one of the top three most important factors for maintaining good physical and emotional health. Now you can always get this kind of sleep by coming to The Wellington Institute and trying our perfect sleep formula.

A full consultation with Dr. Cabanellas is mandatory to determine if medical necessity exists before our sleep protocol can be started. Call NOW and book your appointment, so you can go back to sleep and restore your health back.


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