It is a program proposed by Dr. Cabanellas to provide nutritional counseling and supplementation for any highly active individuals, professional athletes, or any person interested in eliminating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, fatigue, and digestive disorders. This method is comprised of steps in personal information, ie, health, diet, and life style combined with lab testing and medical history.
Our ultimate goal it is to teach you how to achieve optimal nutrition, digestion, and absorption, aside from freeing your body from prescribed medications and its side effects. Finally we want to re-educate your body on how to auto heal from aging diseases while maintaining natural balance and without depleting the body from necessary nutrients.
Dr. Cabanellas believes that most of our modern disorders are caused by improper nutrition and prolonged use and intake of intoxicating substances contained in most modern food and diets.
To support this theory Dr. Cabanellas only use either 100% Organic or 100% natural supplements when they are developing your nutritional program, so your body replenishes and regenerates as well as detoxifies at the same time.
Dr. Cabanellas in order to complement her nutritional program have also developed her own line of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements called “GREEN”. She carefully developed this line of Nutriceuticals to balance your diet, stabilize your digestive system, detoxify, and speed your healing process.
The Wellington Institute for Wellness follows the Anti-Aging medical model which seeks to find solutions to eliminate or, at least, to alleviate the disorders that lead to chronic dependence and disability.

Eating Right To Live Longer

The principal concept behind an Anti-Aging nutritional program is to get you in diet consisting of foods and supplements that follows these concepts:

Non toxic. That means that it does not or hardly contain any preservatives, additives, pesticides, growth hormones (routinely given to livestock and poultry), antibiotics (routinely given to animals), food coloring, chemical flavoring, and other substances that poison your liver, digestive system, and your heart.

It contains enough nutrients and fuel to satisfy your daily needs.Most fruits and vegetables lose almost all nutritional value after a few hours of being picked, so it is necessary to boost even the most healthy diet with vitamin and mineral supplements. Nevertheless the more you can intake from natural sources, the healthier your diet is likely to be.

It consists of foods that are easy to digest and eliminate. There is enough evidence to demonstrate that humans were vegetarians by nature and acquired the taste for meats later on.

Certainly, the human digestive system can barely eliminate meat and poultry compared to a diet based on high-fiber foods, complex carbohydrates, and fresh produce.

It is also well recognized that occasional consumption (two times a week) of proteins from meat or poultry is probably a key ingredient for a healthy diet, but it is also well known that the increase in frequency of meat consumption is directly related to an increase in the risk of colon and pancreatic cancers.

Anti-Aging Revolution by Klatz and Goldman


Apricots Anchovies
Bananas Alcohol
Beans (dry and green) Bacon
Bell peppers (red and green) Canned, bottled or frozen sweetened fruit
Broccoli Canned soups**
Cantaloupe Chocolate
Carrots Fried Foods
Garbanzos Gravies**
Garlic Ice Cream
Greens (spinach, kale, turnip, greens, Swiss chard, curly endive) Peanuts, salted/roasted Pork**
Kiwi Pickled eggs
Lamb Processed cheese products
Oat bran Processed lunch meats
Onions Processed/sweetened oatmeal/cereals
Oranges Saturated fats
Papaya Soft cheeses
Pasta (whole wheat) Soft drinks
Potatoes (baked) Tuna, Canned oil
Soybeans Rice (brown) Vegetables, canned, frozen with salt/additives
Tomatoes White, brown, or raw sugar
Tuna (water-packed) White-flour products
Turkey (skinless breast) White vinegar
Yogurt (non-fat) Yogurt with fruit/syrup
Juan Juan Salon Brent Wood
Solage Calistoga Calistoga
*Unless you are allergic
** Selection based on usual ingredients. Exception for low-fat, low sodium, or other healthful modifications would apply
Source: Anti-Aging revolution by Klatz and Goldman



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