Jennine M. Cabanellas, MD - Medical Director

Dr Jenine Cabanellas

Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology, Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She specializes in Non-invasive Aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine and surgery.

After completing her Ivy League education through the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Harvard University, Washington University in Saint Louis and an Ophthalmology Post-Doctoral Residency at Columbia University, Dr. Cabanellas completed a one-year Fellowship in eye laser surgery in Dello Russo Laser Center Institute in New York and New Jersey, Then Dr. Cabanellas focused her education on Anti-Aging medicine specializing in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Experiencing the immediate rewards and results in her, and in her patients with these cosmetic procedures, Dr. Cabanellas has passionately committed her carrier to a continuous research in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine in order to improve, exalt, and create positive effects on her patient’s lives.

Shanith Coro

Shanith Coro

Shantih Coro holds a degree in dietetics from the University of Genova (Italy) and is currently enrolled at Eastern Michigan University to become a Registered Dietitian in the USA, one of the top 10 Universities in the country in dietetics.

He is a speaker at many wellness and sports conferences and has hundreds of hours of continuing education in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and is currently doing a 10 months mentorship program in clinical nutrition with Dr.Elizabeth Lipski PhD,CCN New York Times best seller author of Digestive Wellness.

Shantih's patients range from people that want to lose weight, feel better, with medical conditions and elite athletes as UFC fighters, jiu jitsu players, wrestlers, world class tennis players, triathletes, soccer players, snowboarders and cyclists.

At age of 28 he was diagnosed with severe Chron's Disease but refused the prognosis and to be on medication for life. Through his nutritional quest, he lived for one year in a farm eating traditional foods and was able to go in complete remission and he has been medications and symptoms free for over 12 years. That experience led him to learn more about the digestive tract and to help many people with mild to severe digestive problems.

Shantih is an expert in digestive problems, wellness and sports performance enhancement and will work tirelessly to help his patients to achieve performance, optimal and balanced health. He educates his patients towards proper lifestyle changes, supplementation, exercise, stress reduction and nutrition.

In order to reach out to more people in need of nutritional awareness and guidance, Shantih joined the team of The Wellington Wellness Institute where he works with clients to reach and maintain their weight loss, wellness and performance. Together they have joined forces with the Choose My Plate government program to educate the community on how to build healthier families by launching Healthy Homes…Healthy Lives.


Success Story 1

Shanith Coro

When I started to work with "THE ARCHITECT" Shantih Coro, I had just lost my pro debut in MMA, I was fat and out of shape weighting 245 lbs. As soon as 3 weeks I saw improvements, he broke down everything I did that's why I call him THE ARCHITECT because he builds you. I walk around at 220-225 my record is now 4-1, everything has improved by 150 %, I don't take a fight or do groceries without asking him his opinion. THE ARCHITECT enough said!

Oscar Delgado - Professional MMA Fighter - Camp MMA Masters

Success Story 2

Shanith Coro

Since I started to work with Shantih Coro, not only my performance and recovery have dramatically changed but my whole life has improved. I feel better with more energy and even my skin has cleared up and been healthier. He changed my lifestyle and made me realize that what one puts into his body is what one becomes. He helped me in achieving my physical goals, I am more explosive, stronger, I recover faster, I have more endurance and I have gone from 19% body fat in less than 11% in few short weeks. I would encourage any athlete of any sport interested to improve performance, recovery, career longevity and health to enroll with Shantih Coro, a professional like no others.

Moyses "The Savage" Gabin - Professional MMA Fighter - Camp Blackzilians

Success Story 3

Shanith Coro

At my level if you're not at the top of your game, someone else is. So I knew I needed the best to be the best and Shantih Coro came highly referred. From the first week I could see improvements in my training!! They had me to run a laboratory tests to customize my nutrition and supplementation which nobody did before. I think Shantih is the best kept secret in the world of professional sport.

Kimberly Katover - Team USA Triathlon

Success Story 4

Shanith Coro

Ever since I have been working with Shantih Coro my fitness, ability and confidence has climbed higher and higher. I also lost 10lbs and I am the girl with more muscle mass of all team! Shantih Coro make me feel good and ready for my season with the ISTC team when I can run around the block with a tire on my shoulder and beat the girls AND the guys! TWICE! Last July, almost a year after my first ACL and Meniscus surgery my team invited me to a private camp to train in Mt. Hood with the top snowboard crosses competitors in the country. I had not been on snow but I actually improved on the snow just from working with Shantih! My coaches were happy and needless to say I have been invited back for another full season, and on top of that, I am the strongest girl on the team! I can't wait for the 2012 season! Thanks

Shantih Aimee Vera Hedman - ISTC Athlet


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