Every day, consumers flock to their doctors' office in search of ways to erase life’s little signs of age: an expanding waistline, a receding hairline, a G-rated sex life, forgetting weather the stove was turned off after making a midnight snack and the list goes on.

About 77 percent of all Americans now living were born after 1939- and many of these folks are noticing these signs of aging in their mirrors, on their scales, and in the job market. Anti-Aging medicine is the application of any therapy or modality that delivers very early detection, prevention, treatment, or reversal of aging-related dysfunction and disease, thus enhancing the quality, of the human life span.

Anti-Aging Medicine is the most important new model for health care of this new millennium.

The leading causes of death have undergone a profound shift: due to improvements in the sanitation and infections control since the turn of the twentieth century, Americans are now losing their health and lives to heart disease 31.4%, cancer 23.3 %, and stroke 6.9%. These tree diseases, known collectively as the degenerative diseases of aging, swallow 50% of the U.S. health care budget. One hundred million Americans are being treated for one or another degenerative disease at a health care cost of more than $700 billion per year.

All diseases fall into four categories; the first three are inherited generic disease, infectious disease, and trauma, which account only 10% of the cost for treating all disease in America. 90% of all health care dollars are spent on extraordinary care in the last to three years of life.

If we really want to make an impact on health care in this country and throughout the world, we must focus on preventing the degenerative diseases of aging. With the widespread adoption of Anti-Aging medicine, more of the nation’s population will receive early screenings to detect illness. This is expected to cut the treatment side of the disease by reducing the costs of having to treat full-blown illness in a greater segment of the population. Early detection and treatment will also lead to extended healthy life spans absent of debilitating or disabling medical conditions.

The Anti-Aging medical model seeks to find solutions to eliminate or, at least, to alleviate the disorders that lead to chronic dependence and disability.

The ultimate accomplishment for the new science of Anti-Aging medicine will be the achievement of practical immortality, in which we live vital life spans of 120 years or more. We predict that by the year 2029, advancements in the stem cell research, therapeutic cloning, and nanotechnology will be harnesses into applications that improve the extend the human life span. In this manner, Anti-Aging medicine is anticipated to have a profound impact on the future of preventive health care.

For example, when Anti-aging medicine is able to delay admission to nursery homes by just one month, the U.S. health –care system will see $3 billion in savings a year! The National Institute on Aging recently reported that that if the onset of Alzheimer’s disease could be delayed by five years, the nation would save $40 billion per year!

Potential Savings of Anti-Aging Medicine 

Cancer $ 46.5 trillion
Heart disease $ 48.5 trillion
Stroke $ 7.7 trillion
Circulatory disease $ 5.8 trillion
Influenza $ 3.5 trillion
AIDS $ 7.6 trillion

Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine & Dr. Robert Goldman, President of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

The Rules for “Inmortality”

While it may look frivolous seriously, consider taking the following steps to ensure longer life span:

  • Drive a big car (2,800 pounds or more) hey have major survivability in fatal accidents
  • Avoid stress and depression. They are consider among the major causes of premature aging
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. It is consider the number one defense against infirmities of old age
  • Limit intake of saturated fats, and trans fatty acids. They increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Have a minimum of 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Regeneration and repair only happens when the body is resting in deep sleeping
  • Consume little or no alcohol. It is neurotoxic and damages many of your most important organs if used for a long time
  • Do not smoke. Not only kills your smile, but kills more people than all the wars combined
  • Try to keep your ideal body weight IBW. Mortality increases at 20% or more above IBW or 10% below IBW.
  • Keep optimum antioxidant vitamin blood levels. It is proven that if you can increase your longevity optimizing your nutrition with supplements.
  • Get tested for early detection. Heart disease and cancer can be cured or reversed if you develop the discipline of getting comprehensive anti-aging tests every year.
  • If you are losing your edge at any age, consider hormonal replacement therapy HRT. It should be administer only by a knowledgeable physician.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of purified water a day. Municipal water systems are known to have toxic amount of fluorine and chlorine which have been associated with urinary track cancer
  • Think young. Aging it is very much a state of mind. Keep young friends, young feelings, and always remind yourself how youth feels like.
  • Do not accept “getting old” fight with everything you have to stay young and vigorous. Feed yourself well, spend in GOOD medical grade nutriceuticals, discipline yourself to exercise, become a fan of your anti-aging doctor you will learn from him/her and you will pass it to your friends, monitor your progress, that will keep your mind busy thinking how younger you are feeling, and finally become an expert on how to fight aging.



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